Tuckerian Chicken and Corn Bread

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Regarding Tucker’s post……agreed on cooking chicken with its clothes on. But as far as those ridiculous skinned breasts, you can enjoy them, too. Don’t grill ‘em ever! Try mixing bread crumbs with tomato-basil-garlic Mrs. Dash, and egg up your naked breasts, then roll them in the mix. Fry them on medium until they are tender. Cut them up like chicken tenders. Or, do anything and everything with them in a crock pot. Invent stuff, create sauces and stews. Try putting some frozen Italian green beans, mushrooms, and onions in the crock pot. Lay your naked breasts on top of that. Mix a can of stewed tomatoes with tomato paste, and pour that over the top. Cook on low for 7-8 hours.

Now, the corn bread. I fell in love with this stuff many years ago, during my first trip to West Virginia to do some mountain bike racing. Marlington, WV had the greatest mom-and-pop dives with the greatest corn bread. When in the north, the only place I can get glorious corn bread is at the local soul food restaurants. Yummm. Next week, I am assured that some of my co-workers will join me in a long, leisurely lunch at the local favorite, Beans ‘n’ Corn Bread.

To make it at home the ultra-healthy, balanced carbs-protein-fats way, seek out the healthy-stuff shelf at your grocer. Look for Bob’s Red Mill products, some of the best ever. Buy the “old-fashioned, stone-ground, cornbread mix and cornmeal muffin mix.” Follow the directions on the back, using egg beaters instead of eggs. I add some ground flax or flax seeds to the mix (also Bob’s Red Mill products), and then, a little bit of whey protein. Not too much whey for it will destroy the texture. Holding back the lard, this recipe is anti-jiggles (read: cellulite), and perfect for the couch potato, diabetic, athlete, or dieter who needs to run as far from lard as possible.

10:07 pm on July 15, 2005