Tsunami in the GOP Hot Tub?

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Mitch McConnell, the senior senator from Kentucky and Senate Minority Leader, is afraid — very afraid — that Dr. Rand Paul might soon be unplugging the GOP trough (from the outside, of course). So McConnell has taken the unusual step of endorsing a primary candidate, in this case Dr. Paul’s “safe” opponent, Trey Grayson.

I wonder if Mitch was one of those GOPleaders who lied to (gee, should I have said”misled”?) Dr. James Dobson about Rand Paul, telling Dobson that Dr. Paul was pro-choice and liberal. Nah … only Democrats lie, right?

To the north of the Bluegrass State, a safe, RNC-endorsed GOP senate candidate will run in the fall to replace retiring Indiana Senator Evan Bayh. Former senator Dan Coats got only 39% of the votes from diehard GOP primary voters yesterday, a woeful performance and a dangerous sign. Of course, Coats hasn’t lived in Indiana for over thirty years, and has been lobbying big-time for major-league trough-dwelling clients, including the usual suspects on Wall Street. He refused to address that ball-and-chain at length in the primary, so his opponent will do it for him in the general.

Indiana’s very sizable Tea Party wanted to “throw the bums out.” It will be interesting to see how they will vote in a race between two bums.

7:22 am on May 5, 2010