Tsarnaev ‘Confession’ Amazing Break For Government!

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Just in time! We needed some good news! The big news of the day — to get our minds off of all these carefully managed scandals — is that accused Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev took time out from bleeding and hiding from the cops to pick up a pen and write down a very convenient confession on the inside of the boat where he was later discovered.

As Scott Creighton writes in an insightful but rather foul-mouthed analysis of CBS’s handling of its big breaking news story:

“(CBS News senior correspondent John) Miller claims, without supplying ONE…SHRED OF EVIDENCE OR EVEN THE NAME OF THE ‘SOURCE’ OF THIS NEW DEVELOPMENT that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev just happened to ‘FIND A PEN’ while hiding in the boat bleeding and then began to write the exact same things he supposedly said in the interview with the feds prior to being read his Miranda rights after his arrest. You know, the confession that will be inadmissible in court because it came prior to him being read his rights?

“Oh wait, he couldn’t have ‘said’ those things because his throat had been cut on the scene after his arrest….

“He never explains how come they failed to find this CONFESSION written in the tiny little boat as they were pouring over it looking for the guns he never had. Not a word about that. And he dances over the fact that they didn’t start shooting the boat until AFTER the 19 year-old kid got out of it. That was the big ‘gun fight’ they reported. The cops sitting there shooting holes in the boat with neighbor’s back yards right behind it. Not a word.”

I guess it’s just another one of Uncle Sam’s lucky finds that always seems to pop up to help push the US government narrative…like Mohammad Atta’s passport.

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11:21 am on May 16, 2013