‘We Wish You a Merry Police State, We Wish You…’

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USA Today, i.e., Regime News, offers us glad tidings of great joy: there’s an awful TSA chorus at LAX to distract the hostages with bloody government ditties like the Battle Hymn of the Republic. And the singers are all “officers”! Charmed? This is chilling, of course, and intended as such. Customers are supposed to like something that’s threatening. If they don’t, they must need their brains washed. What’s next: The Tax Looters Chorale? The FEMA Camp Chorus? The Death Squad Singers? Undoubtedly, the State already has all these and more. Government musical groups festoon the imperial capital, after all. But for the LAX Tabernacle Choir, I have some suggestions: Grandma Got Run Over by an Agent, Panting Claws Is Going to Town, and It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Russia. (Thanks to Jack Sampson.)

10:08 am on December 16, 2010