TSA: Unregistered Sex Offenders (and Ben Affleck’s Approval)

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Wikipedia describes it this way: Sex offender registration is a system in various states designed to allow an government authorities to keep track of the residence and activities of sex offenders…”

I’ve not been flying much, for the obvious reasons, but I recently wrote about my latest incident of molestation on my way to the Mises Institute Supporters Summit. And truly, the young TSA lady who molested me at the Detroit airport did so unwillingly, and I could tell that she didn’t belong in her job. But she was courted by the government job, promise of security (pun intended), and the longing for a pension in an otherwise no-pension world. On the way back, however, I was repaid for the young lady’s lack of TSA-ness when I was escorted to the Molestation Station by what appeared to be the Queen Bulldyke on duty that day (we’ll call her QB). Ms. QB took full advantage of her powers as a 300+ lb. unregistered sex offender to offend, and then offend again. As bad as that is, no slavemaster will ever pull me through the porno photo booth and leave lasting images of KDC T&A. What a sad testament it is to never see anyone else opt out of Chertoff’s profitable porn scheme, and instead they happily shuffle through the porn booth and smile while baring it all for the peons who run the porn scheme for their masters.

Watch this video of Ben Affleck, the pansy Hollywood guy who can fly private wherever he goes, state that the TSA grabbing your dick “is not the end of the world.” I’m certain that Mr. Affleck’s dick doesn’t speak for all of us who can’t book a chartered jet everywhere we go.

6:35 am on November 2, 2012