TSA Tyranny

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Bill Fangio writes to Michael Roberts:

I’ve been a private pilot since 1961 and began flying commercial about the same time.  For years as an engineer and Corporate President I literally lived in airplanes and airports for Collins Radio, LTV, F&M Systems, and my own company.  I will no longer fly commercial.  I either fly myself or drive.

Give a bureaucrat authority and he will certainly assert it.  They are only responsive to their charter and are therefore devoid of common sense.  (Can’t you just see that terrorist running down the aisle brandishing a pair of finger nail clippers and threatening to take over the airplane?  Idiots!)

That is why the AIRLINES should be in charge of their own security!  The airline has the vested interest and can make value judgments.  As a pilot under orders, and not a Muslim suspected of some unpleasant tendencies, the airline would simply pass you through.  As they would me as well since I have been in their database forever.  (And if they don’t have a database, that is easily rectified.)  Furthermore, the flying public would pay for the security instead of the taxpayer.  (Include inflation in that.)

Thank you for taking a stand.  Now, if we could get all of the airlines to take a similar stand and FIRE TSA and the damn Department of Homeland Unsecurity!

9:17 am on October 18, 2010