TSA Takes Care of Your Children

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The state, which said hoorah to 9/11/01, has used it not only to expand imperial wars and colonialism, but to erect even more of a police state over us. The purpose is always humiliation and control, and glorification and enrichment for itself. Not “anti-terrorism,”of course. One aspect of the US police state is the irradiating porno-scanner, which supplies naked photos of airplane passengers to the male bureaucrats. Dubai has announced that it will not use these scanners, pushed on the world by the US, since Michael Chertoff and other ex-TSA officials make big bucks off them. Muslim Dubai said such machines are inherently disrespectful of women and children. There are no such sentiments from any airport authority in the land of the free. Here, a 12-year-old girl is singled out for such a scan. Not that the TSA insists on a naked photo, if parents are aware of what is going on (though the signs and procedures are designed to obscure). Her father could have had her “patted down” by strangers.

UPDATE from Mark Smith:

Suggestion to Ron Paul or any other liberty-defending candidate for POTUS: Announce your intention to issue an executive order, effective immediately upon taking the oath of office, to disband the TSA, stop its funding. and fire every one of its employees.This alone should be sufficient to win the vote of millions who have traveled on a U.S. commercial flight since 9/11/01.

9:20 am on July 19, 2010