TSA Releases More Toxic Gas Than Usual

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It’s not enough that they sexually assault us at airports: now the TSA’s sociopaths are poisoning the earth and sky — just to see what happens.

“Deep in the Utah desert” they “released” a “massive cloud” of “toxic chlorine gas.” And they plan more such devastating events.

Does anyone else fear that this is way above these morons’ pay grade? Good gracious, if Congress doesn’t abolish this agency, and right quick, its bunglers could wipe out Salt Lake City and Provo. I can hear the broadcasts now: “We’re getting reports of no survivors anywhere within municipal limits — in fact, authorities tell us they’re broadening the search for life to the entire state. But TSA says that agents followed proper procedure when they released the chlorine yesterday. Meanwhile, Congress will hold hearings next week on requiring TSA screeners to change gloves every four hours, whether they need to or not…”

3:35 pm on October 28, 2011