‘TSA Promises No Body Cavity Searches’?

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According to the headline, the Stasi’s prison-like searches of peons at the airports—designed to humiliate, intimidate, and control—will go no further, promises John “Aimed at Your Head” Pistole, Commandant of the TSA. Actually, of course, the Warden promises no such thing, and says it is “risky” for the government not to treat you like Prisoner #2,523,443 in the State’s vast prison complex, to prepare you to obey the guards in all things.

The State never goes this far and no further. Its ambitions are total. It wants us to worship it as a pagan god, and obey and work for it as a pagan god. And a pagan god can demand anything of its congregants, as interpreted by the ministers of the National Security State. Just think of the “Christian right,” which honeycombs the military, the FBI, and the CIA, and its religious veneration of the State, of the State’s spying and controls on Americans, and of the State’s mass killings abroad. Look at the willingness of these people to sacrifice their own sons in the cause of world domination. (Thanks to Travis Holte)

8:29 am on November 23, 2010