TSA Handlers Gone Wild, Again

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In San Diego, where John Tyner was abused, the TSA have had Sam Wolanyk arrested for two offenses: one, entering the Blue Shirt zone and refusing to engage in either of his two authoritarian choices: go through the naked x-ray photo machine, or be molested. Instead, he took all his clothes off, except his briefs, and told the assembled handlers that they could see he had nothing to hide, and they were free to go through his clothes and bag, but not his body. Two, he used his phone to record the encounter. Boom! He was frogmarched through the airport in his underwear to the waiting cops. And the cops also arrested a woman who used her cell phone to record the event. Federal employees, unlike the people, have the “expectation of privacy.” Of course, Sam’s real crime was making fun of the government. As in any authoritarian regime, that is a no-no. Fear, resent, hate–they’re all fine. But no laughing at our overlords. (Thanks to Travis Holte)

11:59 am on November 21, 2010