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The damnable “duties” of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) perverts frequently overlap those of the DEA’s thugs. The former with their warrantless searches haven’t discovered any terrorists, but they often find drugs that compete with Big Pharma’s for our dollars and which Our Rulers therefore prohibit. Even “paraphernalia” for these disfavored substances earn the victim a fine from the real cops that the TSA’s fake ones summon.

This isn’t anything new. The TSA has always “detained” folks for possession. But dealers apparently move their wares via other transport, because the agency’s usual victim is someone suffering from MS who’s carrying small amounts of medicinal marijuana. These unfortunates suppose they’re in the clear because their state’s dictators may allow certain exemptions to their stupid, heartless laws (little do the serfs know that the TSA’s federal regs trump local ones), and their doctor wrote them the sort of note your mother used to excusing you from school.

The latest such patient and passenger is Montel Williams, a “former talk show host … [who] was cited at Mitchell International Airport on Tuesday for possession of … a pipe commonly used for marijuana.”

Mr. Williams spoke last year at a conference on medical marijuana in Portland, Maine. There his “pain level became so intolerable he was in tears…” He said that “if not for the use of the drug he wouldn’t have been able to bear the nerve pain he was enduring…”

Try to fathom the absolute barbarity of Our Rulers in denying a sick man his medication (ahem: where’s the ADA when we need ‘em?), let alone their complete contempt for the Fourth Amendment. And then there’s the extortion they exact from these pathetic people: “Williams paid $484 in fines and made his flight to New York City.”

I pray each morning that Almighty God will smite government from the face of the earth for its oppression, corruption, and cruelty. Please join me.

12:12 pm on January 7, 2011