TSA Breaks Cello Star’s Bow

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Alban Gerhardt, an international cello performer, has been in the news this week, and not for his cello playing. Gerhardt was on his way from Berlin to Madison, WI to perform with the local symphony orchestra when the thugs at Dulles Airport decided to search his luggage. The barely functional TSA goons probably thought that was the strangest looking bow saw they had ever seen.

“My bow must have moved out of its cover, and instead of putting it back in, they just slammed the case shut and broke the bow that way over the bridge,” Gerhardt told Strad Magazine.

…After checking the instrument in Berlin, Gerhardt rechecked it in Washington  D.C. as he passed through customs. It was okay at that time, but he discovered the damage upon arriving at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, along with an inspection notice from the TSA.

The bow is a “rare Heinrich Knopf bow” that is said to be valued at $20k. The TSA brass recommended that Gerhardt file a claim for TSA review and adjudication.

The average “gotta fly, will submit” serf doesn’t care about any of these stories – after all, remember that one-third of the TSA’s victims believe that body cavity searches are entirely reasonable.

3:29 pm on February 16, 2013