TSA’s Terrorists Studying Terrorism…

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…when they’ve never yet so much as skimmed the Constitution.

These morons are “studying terrorism for college credit under a program set up by the TSA to broaden employees’ understanding of terrorists…” — strictly the unelected variety, of course. For sure the propaganda flows full and thick. And who are the “instructors”? Not scholars specializing in Islam or Arabic, Middle Eastern history or culture, who could design an intelligent, nuanced curriculum on men defending their homes and families from the Amerikan Empire’s aggression. Nope, “a retired FBI agent-turned-educator” teaches pupils to despise Muslims and trash our inalienable rights.

Meanwhile, who knew the TSA’s pervs could read? I assumed they were all either illiterate or blind after ogling naked passengers from those “remotely located viewing booths rooms.”

And as you probably suspect, we’re paying for their indoctrination: “Tuition is free,” burbles the idiot reporting this nonsense. Nor is that the end of it. Our Rulers also force us to donate “$500 per semester in tuition reimbursement” if the goons “pursue” an associate’s degree, God help us.

9:42 am on November 9, 2011