Trying To Suppress the Ron Paul Movement?

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As I listened to Bush aide Frances Townsend this morning trying to scare the people, raise his poll numbers, and maybe suppress the Ron Paul movement with more terrorism theatre, I thought: she looks and sounds like an NKVD commissar. However, her repeated use–one hundred times?–of the neocon neologism “Homeland”–sounded National Socialist.

After they spent a trillion, stole our liberties, and killed many thousands–allegedly to suppress terrorism–we are supposed to think it is more of a danger. And maybe it is, thanks to Bushite foreign killing and oppression.

But what about the “al-Quaeda in Mesopotamia” she also constantly mentioned? Here is some of what Eric Margolis has to say:

“Then, a tiny, previously unknown Iraqi group that had nothing to do with Osama bin Laden. appropriated the name, ‘al-Qaida in Mesopotamia.’“This was such a breathtakingly convenient gift to the Bush Administration, many cynics suspected a false-flag operation created by CIA and Britain’s wily MI6. Soon after, the White House and Pentagon began calling most of Iraq’s 22 plus resistance groups, ‘al-Qaida.’

“The US media eagerly joined this deception, even though 95% of Iraq’s resistance groups had no sympathy for bin Laden’s movement. Watch any US network TV news report on Iraq and you will inevitably hear reporters parroting Pentagon handouts about US forces ‘launching a new offensive against al-Qaida.’

“Al-Qaida in Mesopotamia didn’t even exist before 9/11, but that didn’t stop President Bush from trying to gull credulous voters. He simply ignored the 2006 National Intelligence Estimate that found US-occupied Iraq had become an ‘incubator’ for violent anti-American groups.”

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11:41 am on July 17, 2007