Truth in Brainwashing

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The NPR affiliate here in New York City has inundated us every hour on the hour since the atrocity at Newtown’s public school with “news” about the tragedy, which basically consists of naked pleading for more control of gun-owners. But 4PM’s propaganda dropped my jaw with its honesty: One way to “get around the Second Amendment,” the announcer intoned (exact phrasing, though you’ll have to take my word for it as I can find no link on the net), is to microstamp bullets so cops can trace them. This lunacy comes from Elliott Spitzer, previously Chief John of New York State, whose priapic pursuits drove him from office but whose buddies in the corporate media identify him only as a “former governor.”

Of course, Spitzer’s idea will never become law. Imagine the CIA’s consternation right now if Newtown’s bullets had been “microstamped.” Or that of the average cop nationwide who can no longer blame the dead bystander on the perp when “microstamping” points to his poor marksmanship instead.

3:23 pm on December 18, 2012