Trough Pac

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“At least half a dozen leaders of the Republican Party have joined forces to create a new political group with the goal of organizing grass-roots support and raising funds ahead of the 2010 midterm elections, according to people familiar with the effort,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

The truth? These are the “leaders” who led the GOP and the country into its most unnecessarily  disastrous eight years in history. They are millionaire has-beens desperately clinging to their income stream from the Beltway sewer. They envy the force and alacrity with which the country has rejected Washington’s ways, and want to take credit for it and control of it. They do not understand that they are the targets of our outrage, not its intended beneficiaries.

They have wielded power, ruinous power, and are desperate to cling to it and to the unlimited income and squalid prestige that it brings. Instead of apologizing to the world for the disasters they have wrought, they swagger into 2010 as though they were in charge. Instead of stepping aside for true leaders whose hands are not stained with blood and treachery, they want to buy their way back in.

They envy the success of the Tea Party independents. They don’t understand the difference between principles and money. But be warned: they might not have principles, but they have access to money from the establishment that has bankrolled our ruin, while it raked in its plunder. I don’t expect those horrendous habits to change any time soon.

12:54 pm on January 31, 2010