Trouble in Paradise

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As its victims should know by now, the TSA did not spring into existence because of 9/11: it had been in the works for years as a payoff to the unions, among other things. Politicians merely exploited a national tragedy to unleash this new and obscene bureaucracy on us.

Ironically, though, the union had to wait almost a decade to get its greedy paws on the 45,000 or so perverts who put their filthy paws on passengers. Meanwhile, those pervs are “are among the federal government’s lowest paid and most maligned workforce,” as the nauseatingly pro-union, pro-Thievery and Sexual Assault, pro-police-state New Jersey Star Ledger puts it. And if you dispute my description of this rag, check out the brief editorial inserted after “most maligned workforce”: “despite their role in preventing terror attacks.” Oh, yeah, right: that would explain why the TSA molests passengers instead of that gang of terrorists in DC.

But I digress. The union promised these cretins that for megabucks, it would cure all ills, raising morale among and respect for the deviants. And the suckers bought it! Now, millions of dollars in dues later, the degenerates are as miserable as ever. “TSA management has violated terms of the agreement involving performance evaluations, vacation time, dress code and other areas, sending morale back on a downward trajectory. ‘After the contract, morale was up, with people thinking, “We finally have rights,”’ said Stacy Bodtman, a screener [sic for ‘sponge’] at Newark Liberty International Airport and member of the AFGE national negotiating team that hammered out the contract. ‘Now it’s back down, with people feeling like the TSA is just going around doing whatever they want to do.”  Hmmm. Management sounds a lot like you predators at the checkpoints, Stace, doing whatever you want to do to helpless little kids, old ladies and survivors of cancer. Yay! Here’s hoping you continue to suffer all the indignities Our Rulers can dish out.

No story in the corporate media is complete without an “expert’s” weighing in, so the Star Ledger quotes “John Delaney, a labor relations expert at the University of Pittsburgh School of Business.” John opines, “Lower morale can hurt both the task performance and those cooperative behaviors that might be necessary for that agency’s operational performance.” If I’m translating the Jargon correctly, John seems to say that the TSA’s abuse of its abusers could contribute to the agency’s failure. Yippee!!!!!

2:11 pm on June 23, 2013