Triumph of the Will: The Progressive Mind

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No government, of course, is a mechanism; no mechanical theory will fit any Government in the world, because Governments are made up of human beings, and all the calculations of mechanical theory are thrown out of adjustment by the intervention of human will. Society is an organism, and every government must develop according to its organic forces and instincts. I do not wish to make the analysis tedious; I will merely ask you when you go home, to think over this proposition: that what we have been witnessing for the last hundred years is the transformation from a Newtonian Constitution into a Darwinian Constitution. The place where the strongest will is present will be the seat of sovereignty.

Woodrow Wilson, address at the annual banquet of the Economic Club of New York, May 23, 1912, in The Papers of Woodrow Wilson, edited by Arthur S. Link, 69 volumes, (Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1966-1994), 22:413-434, page 416.

6:00 am on July 16, 2011