Training the Soldiers of Other Nations

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The U.S. has gotten into the expansionist habit of sending contingents of American soldiers into other countries to train their soldiers. This activity is profoundly non-neutral. It blesses the existing State and the existing administration of that State — the current government. It leads to further crony capitalist moves and reinforces those already present. That includes agricultural programs, bank loans and military arms sales. Most nations have political, ethnic and religious divisions. By taking sides with the existing government and organization of the State, the U.S. makes enemies within the country. Sometimes it takes sides militarily. Sometimes it gets into larger wars. In certain cases, the U.S. has trained death squads. The CIA is often involved too.

All of this needs to be terminated. True neutrality encompasses none of these activities. It is not the proper role and not a beneficial role of the U.S. government to be shoring up numerous States and governments throughout the world and opening up advantages for crony capitalism. These expansionist activities are imperialist in nature. This is simply not right, and it leads Americans who are unaware of what’s going on into wars in these lands. It has now led to retaliation on American soil by dissidents from a variety of countries throughout the world. Continental America is becoming for them a clear perpetrator of perceived ills as well as a clear target of their grievances and their anger. The U.S. government has brought this on to the American people.

9:03 am on June 19, 2013