Toy Stampede

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Here we go with another episode of Dingbatus Americanus Consumerism:

The line of several thousand waiting customers wrapped entirely around the Toys R Us building at 4411 W. Wisconsin Ave. Thursday night. Moments before the store opened at 10 p.m., the line of those who’d just arrived and line of those who’d waited many hours overlapped.

When the doors opened, everyone rushed the door. The store’s staff quickly became overwhelmed, locked the door and called police for assistance.

…Cpl. Jeff Oberg of the Grand Chute police arrived on scene and suggested the store create a barrier to control the line. Ten purple Babies R Us shopping carts were turned upside down in a row to thwart line-jumpers.

And all this over getting in line to be the first to save a few bucks on some dumbing-down junk toys at an overly-gigantic and tacky toy store. Too bad that the masses don’t line up to stampede nazi officials who steal and seize their property, send SWAT teams through their neighbor’s front door, tax their productivity and redistribute the booty, and assault their children and genitals under the guise of “security.” Toys versus freedom? Instant gratification wins. Give ’em a lifetime of adult adolescence versus the prospect of freedom from tyranny. Thanks to Charles Everett for the link.

8:36 pm on November 30, 2010