Toronto Turned Into a Police State

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A bunch of central planners (the “G20″) are meeting in Toronto. To protect the lives of the heroes that keep our economies “safe,” the lives of residents, business owners, and tourists have been turned upside down. Indeed, life inside the “security zone” is not fun:

In and around the summit’s core “security zone” — a term Orwell would surely appreciate — the insecurity was palpable, as residents, workers and visitors took in a series of tableaux that bordered on the absurd.

Police snack carts rolling down streets emptied of hot-dog vendors. Corporate logos magically missing from address plaques on buildings. Officers questioning people who linger a little too long at a street corner.

“I feel like I’m in Guantanamo Bay,” said Calvin Chu, a business analyst who works on Front Street, where a tall steel fence lines the road in front of his office.

“Everyone I know is leaving the city while this is going on,” wrote a friend. “They’ve built a security fence … and are closing the highways.”

Everything and everyone may be a risk to the state.

11:55 am on June 23, 2010