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Here were the ten best-read for January 10-16:

1. It May Be Financially Irresponsible To Pay Your Mortgage, by Karen De Coster;

2. Why I Am Excited About 2010, by Karen Kwiatkowski;

3. Doug Casey: the Stock Market Is Set To Crash, by Louis James;

4. Who Really Won World War II?, by Michael E. Kreca;

5. The Weird Factor: the Panty Bomber Mystery Deepens, by Justin Raimondo;

6. Marc Faber: We Are Doomed, by Henry Blodget;

7. Accessorizing Firearms for Beginners, by Ron Shirtz;

8. Secure Your Checked Bag – Fly With a Gun, by Cory Doctorow;

9. 10 Random Things You Should Know About DC, by Vedran Vuk;

10. Can Government Keep Us Safe? by Andrew P. Napolitano.

11:22 am on January 17, 2010