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Here are the ten best-read articles for December 6-12, 2009:

1   Social Security Will Go Bust in 2010, by Gary North;
2   RAND Corporation Blueprint for Militarized “Stability Police Force,” by William Grigg;
3   The Left Fell Into the Climate Morass, by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
4   My Favorite Libertarian Movies, by Thomas Clark;
5   Panic Alert! Bernanke’s Kept Academics Beg to Stop Ron Paul, Fed Audit, by Jon Hilsenrath;
6   Electricity Without Wires?  Invisible Power, by Chris Taylor;
7   Drunk Driving Is Not a Crime, by Mark Crovelli;
8   Establishment Mouthpiece Upset at Ron Paul, by Howard Fineman;
9   Top 12 Foods for Healthy Immune Response, by Joseph Mercola;
10  John T. Flynn on Roosevelt and Pearl Harbor, by Laurence Vance.

2:31 pm on December 13, 2009