Top U.S. Catholic Church Leader: “Social Justice” Is Marxism

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On Wednesday night, Cardinal Francis George, the Catholic Archbishop of Chicago, bestowed a “racial justice” award on a Chicago priest who celebrates Louis Farrakhan and foments hate against white business owners.

Cardinal George is the President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which lobbied strenuously for Obamacare (sans abortion funding) and is now heading a massive drive for amnesty for illegal aliens and reunion in the U.S. for their extended families. All this has been done in the name of “Social Justice,” until now a useful but elusive term, hijacked by the Catholic Left to confer a Christian character upon its political agenda . But Wednesday night Cardinal George — who is an avid advocate of “Social Justice” — admitted that it is Marxist:

“The temptation can be to work for justice apart from love, but then justice becomes itself a formula for oppression.  Justice without love is destructive, as Marxist societies, founded on equality and social justice alone, teach the world.”

Cardinal George has a doctorate in philosophy. He realizes that envy and hate are the engines of Marxism, hence his emphasis on love. What he does not admit is that a government cannot love. As Saint Augustine explained on the first page of The City Of God, it is the city of man that is “ruled by the lust of rule” — the libido dominandi the lust for power at the center of the glorification of the state.. By definition, the city of man rejects love.

So finally, by the authority of the senior Catholic bishop in the United States, we know that the kind of  government and programs sought by the Catholic Left in the name of “Social Justice” are by the Cardinal’s authoritative definition Marxist. We should be grateful for his candor.

6:27 am on April 9, 2010