Top AIPAC $$$ Recipient Proposes Blockading Iran

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Carl Levin (D-Mi), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and top dollar recipient of money from AIPAC,  has called for a blockade of Iran. This was predictable, coming from another Senate warmonger, Israel toady, bought and paid for interventionist who identifies U.S. interests with Israel’s and vice versa. A blockade is an act of war. Sanctions, already imposed, are another form of warfare.

Levin addressed AIPAC saying “Should Iran make the fateful choice to develop a nuclear weapon, because of the missile defenses in Israel, Iran’s missiles will not stop Israel or us from doing what we have to do to prevent them from succeeding.”

“What we have to do”? Pure baloney. He and others have many choices. Iran recently proposed that the West agree to its right, which the West keeps ignoring, to develop electricity by nuclear means (enriching uranium to the low internationally-specified level) without any weapons program. There are other such offers that have been made.  Levin and other warmongers keep on ignoring Iranian offers.

2:40 am on March 12, 2012