Too Many Hitlers

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With theme music from “Damien” (Hint: does that remind you of the Devil?), the GOP beats the terrorism drum without a word of the attack on our liberties that Bush, and now Obama, have mounted.

Of course, Obama will deftly use jiu jitsu to flatten these hollow husks and add them to the pile of other cadavers (the Constitution, privacy, etc.) in his campaign to run the world.

The GOP has fallen prey to the constant but often convenient Manichaean falsehood that every enemy must be “Hitler.” But how many Hitlers can you have? Is it “turrism” (watch this hilarious video of the 2004 GOP Convention’s version)? Is it Osama (where IS he?)? Is it Saddam (oops, his ghost)? Is it I’m-A-Dinner-Jacket? Is it — (no, it can’t be, he’s so popular) Obama?

[Please don’t mention torture. BE AFRAID! BE VERY AFRAID!]

Because the GOP is emulating the corruption of the other major party, they cannot exercise normal ethical or moral judgment. So they must brand anything they don’t like as “Hitler,” translated into current Manichaean as “Terrorism.” But pretty soon, that room of “absolute evils” gets pretty crowded.

What then?

12:44 pm on May 9, 2009