Tonya Craft Case (Finally) Goes National

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This morning, the Today Show did a piece on the Tonya Craft trial, which I am featuring in my blog. While the story was not particularly hard-hitting, it did show both my blog and a story I had printed on the Counterpunch website. It is taking off and I do hope that the prosecutors and their tactics will begin receiving the same kind of scrutiny that Mike Nifong’s antics received in the Duke Lacrosse Case.

The blog itself has become very popular in North Georgia and Chattanooga, and I must admit it has taken off much more than I ever could have anticipated. However, to be honest, I would prefer that this woman be found not guilty and no one at all read the blog. For all you doubters, I need to tell you that on cases like this, my batting average is a thousand. No, I have not been bamboozled; I know the “evidence” in this trial, and it is a joke, and we already have caught several witnesses committing perjury, even though they never will be charged, given that they are saying what prosecutors Chris Arnt and Len Gregor are telling them to say. This whole affair is utterly shameful, but that is what this country and its court system have become: shameful.

3:52 pm on April 29, 2010