Tony Judt, New York Review of Books

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According to the always incisive Tony Judt:

“If we ask who exercised the greatest influence over contemporary Anglophone economic thought, five foreign-born thinkers spring to mind: Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, Joseph Schumpter, Karl Popper and Peter Drucker. The first two were the oustanding ‘grandfathers’ of the Chicago School of free market macroeconomics…”

Don’t they employ any fact checkers at the New York Review of Books? If any of my students ever wrote such a statement, he wouldn’t get a real good mark. And, it isn’t even April Fool’s day, so we can’t explain this economic illiteracy on that ground. As for the rest of the article, it is a plea for more and better government, and an attack on privatization.

12:43 am on December 25, 2009