Tom Woods Smacks Down Jon Stewart’s Marxist “Experts”

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Here in this video.

Calling Stewart’s parade of chuckling jackasses “Marxists” is not name calling (nor is calling them “chuckling jackasses”) but the accurate use of the English Language.  One of his “experts” who was brought on the show to shout “It’s not true!” to most of what Judge Napolitano said about Lincoln was the self-described Marxist historian Eric Foner who, in his 1988 book, The Story of American Freedom, lavishly praised the Communist Party USA as a “cultural front that helped to redraw the boundaries of American freedom.” In a February 11, 1991 article in The Nation magazine entitled “Lincoln’s Lesson” Foner rather hysterically opposed the break-up of the Soviet Union and implored Mikhail Gorbachev to treat Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Georgia the same way Lincoln treated the Southern states — by waging total war on their civilian populations.  He called the peaceful secession of the Soviet states a “crisis” that would destroy the “laudable goal” of Soviet socialism.  These people should be forced to display “overreaching loyalty to the Soviet Union,” Jon Stewart’s chief Lincoln expert said, and that “no leader of a powerful nation” should allow such a thing as “the dismemberment of the Soviet Union.”

With an “intellectual hero” like this it is not surprising that Jon Stewart would describe himself as “an atheist and a socialist.”  (In the old days, such people were referred to as “godless communists.”  Today they are known in some circles as “Cultural Marxists” since “cultural” sounds better than “godless” even though it is less accurate.  The younsters in Stewart’s studio audience mindlessly clap and cheer for him because they have been thoroughly brainwashed in this type of political correctness since kindergarten).

9:03 am on March 13, 2014