Tom ‘the Warrior’ Woods on NPR

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I just caught the last 20 minutes of the ever-courageous Tom Woods on National Socialist Public Radio in a debate with a law “professor” from Duke University (that already tells you what poor Tom was up against). I realized that the problem with debating with Establishment sheeple falls into the “Do you still beat your wife?” nature of the issues. There were so many false presumptions that were accepted by both the N(S)PR host and the Duke lackey that I was listening with my stomach in knots to see how the brilliant Woods would respond to many of these DYSBYW issues that were brought up by the host and call-in listeners. He always managed to come up with an excellent sound bite for the listeners.

An example of one DYSBYW issue that Tom was not given the opportunity to answer is when one caller said that he should have the right to either buy or not buy health insurance, i.e., not be forced into buying it by the government. A second caller argued that, as an example, if the first caller doesn’t have car insurance, then she is forced to pay for him if he gets into an accident. What the second caller should be asking (but won’t because she obviously went to public school) is, “Where does the government have the right to take money from me to give to someone else who is irresponsible enough not to have insurance and then goes rushing to the government to cover him?” She also doesn’t realize that she will be paying in taxes for all of the millions of currently uninsured people who will be covered by the government. (She probably believes that Obama’s billionaire campaign adviser Warren Buffet will be paying the taxes to cover the uninsured. Not!)

And don’t get me started on all of the conservative and liberal Supreme Court “interpretations” of the Constitution over the last 200 years that have brought us to this Leviathanian mess that we are now in which the Duke “professor” accepted as “Constitutional” because all of the Banksters’ puppet justices over the last 200 years proclaimed them as being “Constitutional.”

7:51 pm on March 23, 2010