Todd Palin

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Yes, I am now going to attack Sarah Palin’s husband.

Conservatives have made much of Todd Palin’s recent trip to Minnesota where he spoke about the importance of the Second Amendment. What they are forgetting is something else that Todd Palin said while he was in Minnesota: “And so I’m just glad to be a part of the McCain-Palin ticket and help out where ever I can.” Mr. Palin is actively campaigning for John McCain. What Todd or Sarah Palin believe about the Second Amendment is completely negated by the fact that they have joined forces with McCain.

But it gets worse. McCain is an enemy of the Second Amendment. Said the top officers of Gun Owners of America (Founder and Chairman H. L. Richardson, Vice-Chairman Tim Macy, and Executive Director Larry Pratt):

John McCain has actively worked against the Second Amendment and self-defense during his time in Congress. He also has been a spokesman for gun grabbers during state initiative campaigns.

What is someone who supports the Second Amendment doing campaigning for someone who doesn’t? I should probably say that Todd Palin supposedly supports the Second Amendment. When a conservative says he supports the Second Amendment it usually doesn’t mean that he is opposed to all federal gun laws. The consistent libertarian, however, takes the Amendment to mean what it says: the federal government has no authority to pass any law or regulation to infringe upon the right of Americans to keep and bear arms of whatever type they choose.

Gun Owners of American grades McCain an F- when it comes to guns. And people are worried about Obama taking away their guns?

4:51 pm on October 23, 2008