Today’s Laugh — and a Belly One at That!

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Since most of the actual terrorists out there busy themselves in Congress, the White House, courthouses, and bureaucracies across the country, as well as various states’ capitals, there’s a dearth of ‘em at airports. Ergo, the TSA has long manufactured its own in an effort to justify its existence. Yes, it has its blue-gloved perverts, but I’m referring to another phenomenon: It pretends that passengers who’ve forgotten the “contraband” at the bottom or in an obscure compartment of their bags are intent on committing another 9/11, especially if said contraband is an oh-so-politically-incorrect gun.

But apparently folks are catching on that if we are indeed one of the TSA’s vaunted “layers of security,” as its nincompoops claim, a loaded gun might come in handy. So the TSA has added a new twist to the dangers weapons pose if passengers rather than Our Rulers wield them. When the TSA “stopped” a “Pennsylvania man … at Buffalo Niagara International Airport … today as he attempted to carry a loaded .380-caliber handgun onto a flight,” its spokesliar deftly hyped the threat: “A bullet was in the chamber and someone could have been severely hurt if the bag fell to the floor [sic for ‘if our dumb and destructive thugs dropped the bag as they did some cremains last week‘] and the bullet was fired [sic for ‘the gun discharged thanks to our goons’ carelessness and shot one of them in the foot’]… But our officers are out there doing a tough job.

Yeah, I added the emphasis. Just too good, isn’t it?

9:52 am on July 6, 2012