To Serve and Protect?

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Good for Judge Napolitano for emphasizing that the police have no legal duty to protect you. Their job, which depends almost entirely on paid informants and not the detective work of TV fiction, is to report on your murder, rape, burglary, mugging, etc. and troll for suspects. So who has the responsibility to protect you, your family, and your property? Not shell-shocked veterans making twice your salary to hand out parking tickers, but you. This used to be a key argument of anti-gun control people, but with the increasing worship of government soldiers and government cops, it seems to have disappeared. Does all this mean, btw, that there aren’t any good cops? No, but the system is bad. To change it, we need to be able to hire private police firms who treat you like a customer and not a perp, and not have to pay taxes to the tyrannical and incompetent socialist version.

8:57 am on February 5, 2013