To Protect (from Dangerous Baby Squirrels) and Serve

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“Don’t spray me, bro!” probably won’t become a popular t-shirt anytime soon, but, thanks to the video culture, we have all of these unbelievable moments captured for a lifetime of viewing.

Once again, an embarrassing moment from a guy with a plastic badge and a plastic Glock in the cause of “protecting the children” from an enemy combatant. A gigantic, menacing baby squirrel encroached upon school property in Texas, endangering ‘the children.” Thank goodness a tough guy in blue was on hand to save the day by using pepper spray to avert this life-threatening intruder. This is truly an amazing video.

‘Round the Internet, people are actually justifying this act based on the potential for the animal to have rabies. Once again, the nation of pansies does not disappoint its spectators.

4:00 am on April 13, 2011