Time to Take the “Boston” Out of Boston Tea Party

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The Massachusetts state Republican Party had its hackathon yesterday and decided, not unexpectedly, to nominate the same GOP nominee from 2010 for governor, Charlie Baker. The “Tea Party” candidate, Mark Fisher, didn’t receive the 15% support of delegates needed to get his name on the primary ballot in September. Fisher got only 14.8%, reason enough to cordially lock him out. Yes, the GOP is a private organization and has every right to make its own rules. As the autocratic state GOP chairwoman Kirsten Hughes sternly remarked, “14.765 is not 15 percent.” Humph!

So it’s just another example of yet another Massachusetts election featuring not only Statist A vs. Statist B, but Democrat vs. Democrat Lite, Charlie Half-Baker.

And this reflects the national trend of Establishment Republicans sniffing their noses at “Tea Party” challengers. As Mitch McConnell yapped recently, referring to Tea Party challengers, “I think we are going to crush them everywhere … I don’t think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country.” Humph!

You see, Establishment statist types love power, and that means they really don’t want to reduce deficit spending or even permanently cut or eliminate taxes. Another problem with both the Establishment and the Tea Party types is their love for war and militarism, and their social fascism, such as in empowering the State to decide who may and who may not get married (or divorced!), empowering the State to put “God back into public schools,” etc.

But in People’s Republic of Massachusetts, a state in which 70% of the people voted against repealing the state income tax, it really is time to take the “Boston” out of Boston Tea Party.

8:44 am on March 23, 2014