Time Marches On

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The Universe demands cosmological order and constancy.  Therefore it is psychically reassuring that like the principle of gravitation one discovers that the venerable establishment organ Time magazine has published a profile of a court intellectual whose life’s work has been to debunk critics of the “official story” of the Warren Commission in this lead up to the fiftieth anniversary commemoration of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963. This curmudgeonly professorial salmon swimming upstream against five decades of precise historical revelations of the cover-up of truth and documentary evidence of the savage coup d’état that took place on that day is portrayed as a heroic Don Quixote flailing at spurious windmills created by “conspiracy theorists” and “assassination buffs.” The CIA-connected Henry Luce media empire played a pivotal role in the initial disinformation process concerning Kennedy’s murder by the purchase of the controversial Zapruder film and publishing frames of it in Time‘s sister rag, Life.

8:26 am on November 9, 2013