Time Flies When They’re Building a Fascist State

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Well, that didn’t take long. It was just a little over 12 hours ago that I posted a blog about “cyberattacks” being the next “boogeyman” that the government will use to scare the sheeple into begging for more government for more “security.”

The House of Misrepresentatives has passed H.R. 4061 Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2009. It was passed because of “growing alarm over the country’s vulnerability online.” Any of you folks reading this blog have any “growing alarm” in the last 15 years about “the country’s vulnerability online”? How about the last 15 months? 15 weeks? 15 days? 15 hours? 15 MINUTES??!! I sure can’t recall any “growing alarm” on my part.

The bill “establishes a scholarship program for undergraduate and graduate students who agree to work as cybersecurity specialists for the government after graduation.” This is what I call accomplishing two fascist agendas with one government bill. First, we have the government “investment” in “education” which, of course, is always the most efficient way to grow an economy—that will  promote more government, that is. Second, we have the wonderful government “jobs” creation for the sheeple who partake of the government theft “who agree to work as cybersecurity specialists for the government after graduation.” (By the way, speaking of investment, I don’t remember phoning my broker asking her to invest my money in any cybersecurity. Hmmm.)

Here’s a quote from Misrepresentative Michael Arcuri (D-NY): “Investing in cybersecurity is the Manhattan Project of our generation.” “[T]he Manhattan Project of our generation”!!!! Remember the outcome of that great government “investment”?

And later in the article from this reptilian mind:

“Mr. Arcuri said that the federal government will need to hire between 500 and 1,000 more “cyber warriors” each year to keep up with potential enemies. Troops online “are every bit as important to our security as a soldier in our field,” he said.” [emphases mine]

At this rate, with the way the private sector is shrinking while the public sector is growing, I figure by the time Hitlery Clinton is Puppet-in-Chief (In her case, would it be Puppetress-in-Chief?), this country will finally achieve the sort of economy that our Masters have always dreamed of.

[Thanks to Travis Holte]

9:31 pm on February 4, 2010