Three New Scott Horton Interviews On Ron Paul

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Scott Horton of Antiwar Radio spends a lot of time on his show talking about the great Ron Paul Revolution. In the last couple days, he has spoken with Joshua Frank about a new left-right/libertarian realignment to protect the Bill of Rights and oppose war, the antiwar left’s failure to reach out to the antiwar non-left, the dying fad of Marxist ideology, Ralph Nader, and why the Ron Paul Revolution is making the activist left irrelevant; he has talked with Paulian activist Trevor Lyman about his reasons for getting involved, the 5th of November, Dr. No’s international influence, and the Boston Tea Party this Sunday; and he has spoken with Yours Truly about how Ron Paul has been dead right about US foreign policy for decades and how Paul, unlike the supposedly “serious” candidates, stands alone in proposing a real solution to all the madness.

5:25 pm on December 14, 2007