Those American Totalitarians

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I’ve received hundreds of hate-letters over the years similar to the one Bob Higgs writes about on LRC today in response to his appearance on C-SPAN. I’ve found that nothing will elicit an avalanche of hate mail from Americans more than writing an article that espouses voluntary exchange, peace, freedom from government tyranny, property rights, lower taxes, and free markets — or denounces the killing of hundreds of thousands of people by government.

After all, people with the mindset of totalitarian socialists elected Obama, while war-crazed fascists were the core supporters of the last president. One of the very first things they did was to use one of their tabloids to call all dissenters “traitors,” Mussolini style. To oppose torture, domestic spying, suspension of habeas corpus, and the mass murder of civilians in the name of a “higher law” would not be Lincoln-like, they preached.

The government school monopoly has apparently succeeded in turning millions of Americans into totalitarian-minded fascists or socialists (not that there’s much of a difference between the two).

7:53 am on April 9, 2009