Thomas Sowell Comments on Torture

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He’s for it. In “Debate Over ‘Torture’ Lacks Seriousness,” posted on RealClearPolitics, Sowell says:

What if it was your mother or your child who was tied up somewhere beside a ticking time bomb and you had captured a terrorist who knew where that was? Face it: What you would do to that terrorist to make him talk would make water-boarding look like a picnic.

Well, first of all, are all Muslims that we have in prison in places like Gitmo terrorists? Are any of them? If so, then why don’t we prosecute them for terrorism and see if they are found guilty or not guilty? What are we doing holding people for years that we know to be terrorists? Put them on trial and sentence them to death or something already. Second, how do we know that the “terrorists” we are holding in prison know anything about a ticking time bomb? Should we torture all of them anyway just to be sure? And third, what if your mother or child were tied up somewhere by a terrorist you created because of your aggression against his mother and child? That is what the US would be facing right now if there were in fact a ticking time bomb.

Years ago, when I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh, I always enjoyed it when Rush was gone and Walter Williams filled in and talked with Thomas Sowell by phone. But, of course, 9-11 changed everything.

8:38 pm on May 16, 2009