This Veteran Says ‘No Thanks’ to Heinz Ketchup or the Troops

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Heinz ketchup has new labels on some bottles that express thanks to the troops. Heinz is teaming up with the USO and Wounded Warrior Project to say “Thank You” to veterans. On this Heinz ketchup website set up for people to express their thanks to the troops, it says: “For every ‘Thank You’ postcard sent to a veteran or active service member and for every ‘Like’ we receive, Heinz will donate 57 cents in support of Wounded Warrior Project.”

From the veteran who informed me of this:

No, I don’t want to say “thank you” to members of our military. If I thought that invading and occupying other countries was a great idea, I wouldn’t have gotten out of the military and I wouldn’t have burned my uniform in disgust, and I’m certainly not going to gush praise at those who voluntarily engaged in that I wanted no part of.

The military is so pervasive in society that one cannot even eat some french fries with ketchup at a restaurant without being told to thank the troops. I actually saw some of these ketchup bottles at Wal-Mart today. Two thoughts: 1. I thought the troops got thanked every time they got their paychecks? 2. I wish I could thank the troops for actually defending the country instead of bombing and occupying other countries.

9:42 pm on November 30, 2011