This Marine Vet Says That Murdering Innocent People Is Always Wrong

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Too bad all veterans don’t feel the same way as J.S.:

I want to also let you know that I am a former Marine who currently works for the Veterans Medical Center in ____. I can honestly say full hardheadedly that you are absolutely right on everything regarding the military. I was dumb enough to join the Marines shortly after high school, but fortunate enough not to have to go to war. Murder is murder no matter how many medals you have on your chest. I have actually heard Jerry Falwell type Christians defend the atomic bomb holocaust Harry Truman committed against the Japanese and it absolutely disgusts me to no end. If I was the pilot of the Enola Gay, I wouldn’t be too confident on Judgment Day just because I was following orders. I wonder if the war hungry Christians back in Jesus time would support an air strike on King Herod even if it risked Christ being killed in collateral damage. Murdering innocent people is always wrong.

7:11 am on May 19, 2013