This Just In: God Endorses the $1.8 Trillion Deficit!

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God has spoken on the budget, and God says it is good. How do I know that? Jim Wallis, who has declared himself to be a prophet and who runs the “God’s Politics” blog, says so, and since he speaks for God, that pretty much settles it.

God’s latest post (coming from the mouth of His Prophet Jim) has taken a “moral audit” of Obama’s budget. Until reading this “moral audit,” I had no idea that the Bush budgets were based upon the “invisible hand” of the market, but God says so:

The values of the American people should also be applied to the budget, e.g. fairness (everyone paying their fair share); opportunity for all Americans; fiscal, personal, and social responsibility; balancing important and different priorities; defining security more broadly than just military considerations, as it is also related to economic and family security too; compassion and protection for the vulnerable; building community; and upholding the common good.

That’s a principle that has been forgotten in the past years. We have trusted in “the invisible hand” of the market to make everything turn out all right, but things too often haven’t turned out all right. The invisible hand let go of some things, like the common good. The idea that policies which benefit the wealthiest will eventually benefit everyone has proven false. The president’s budget is a step toward restoring the value of the common good to our policy. It is a step to rebalance our priorities, protect the vulnerable, and strengthen the middle.

But wait! There’s more:

It contains major investments in the president’s three priorities: significantly expanding health care coverage, focusing on climate change reduction and developing renewable energy, and investing in education – early childhood programs, strengthening and reforming public schools, expanded opportunities for college — all of which will benefit low-income people. There are also specific changes in important areas such as tax policy, food and nutrition programs, housing, needed aid to veterans, prisoner re-entry, global food security, and increased foreign aid for combating pandemic disease. It’s a budget aimed at redressing the imbalances.

You see, God has channeled Bill Clinton, who first gave us the “investing in education and the environment” line. (God no longer asks us to help him make a bridge to the 21st Century because we now are in the 21st Century.) And, by diverting resources from productive to nonproductive use (i.e. ethanol and electricity windmills) and by forcing up electricity prices and making it more difficult to produce goods, we help the poor, at least in WallisLand.

So, there you have it. God says it, and God says it is good!

11:20 am on March 3, 2009