This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain on Government Meat.

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As I took this photo, it reminded me of all those government Ad Council spots, or the “this is your brain on drugs” ad from the Partnership For a Drug-Free America.

Today I was preparing some superb grass-fed hamburgers, from Oliver Farms in Fastoria, Michigan, for the grill. At the same time, I was also boiling some ground chuck for my dog’s lunch. Industrial beef prices are so high that it has been hard to find decent cuts of meat for her, so in my last shopping trip I had to settle for this gross ground chuck, which was still costly at almost $3.50 per pound. Still, it’s better than the industrial machine’s corn-and-soy dog food diet. My grass-fed ground beef costs me between $5 – $6 per pound.

The patty on the left is grass-fed. The meat is lean with muscle integrity, as is the defining characteristic of beef from cows that aren’t force-fed the federal food pyramid diet for cows. The color is healthy and vibrant. The meat is so firm that I could form “beef balls” and throw them a great distance without them separating. (And I have done this.) The patty on the right is grain-fed beef from the industrial machine, from a cow living in confinement, being kept fat and alive with hormones, steroids, and subsidized grain. The meat is water-logged, with no integrity or firmness. It is like mush. Seeing the disparity in a side-by-side visual is an eye opener for folks who may not think much about the quality of meat they ingest, or even care about the inferior standards of the federal food pyramid health & wellness paradigm in general.

As the funny “brain on drugs” ad would say in conclusion, “Any questions?”

11:34 am on October 7, 2012