This Almost Makes Me Want to Vote

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My state of Florida will have on the ballot this November an amendment to legalize medical marijuana. Many Republicans, including the governor and attorney general, challenged the language as “misleading.” This is because they are statist busybodies and enemies of freedom, as are all Republican politicians who support the drug war. Two Democrats in the Florida House and Senate have also introduced legislation to legalize medical marijuana. Almost makes me want to vote Democratic.

This is all so ridiculous. Imagine a constitutional amendment or a law being required to legalize the eating of apples. Legalizing marijuana should be viewed the same way. But, it is objected, marijuana is harmful. So what if it is? Since when is it the job of the government to keep people from harmful substances? Does the state of Florida keep people from aspirin? Is kills many more Americans every year than marijuana. What about alcohol and smoking? To be consistent, if you want to ban marijuana then you should also want to ban alcohol and tobacco. Has anyone actually died from using marijuana? The cemeteries are filled with people who died from smoking and drinking.

The real issue, of course, is freedom. And truly, the war on drugs is a war on freedom.

9:17 am on February 12, 2014