Third-Party Round-Up

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Libertarian nominee Bob Barr holds a small fundraiser at his running mate’s “ostentatious mansion” near Las Vegas.

GOP promises, cross its heart and hope to die, it will not try to knock Barr off the ballot in states where he threatens McCain.

Antiwar ex-Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has been nominated by the Green Party for president. She’ll be on the ballot in 36 states.

Ralph Nader files for write-in status in North Carolina, which has one of the worst ballot access laws.

I hear: at the Ron Paul march in DC, Constitution candidate Chuck Baldwin spoke, was praised by Ron, and had lots of support in the crowd. No sign of Barr in any sense.

An NPR interview on the Jesse Ventura surge against the two neocons in Minnesota.

UPDATE Two previous blogs that really belong here: Time magazine on libertarianism, Paul, and Barr, and Jesse Ventura vs. the bipartisan neocon chickenhawks.

11:43 am on July 13, 2008