They Will Never, Ever, Blame Themselves

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Robert Kagan, of late. He regrets nothing. Except, of course, “If only they had listened to me …”

But work through this swill we must. Saint Ignatius said, “know your enemy better than he knows himself.” And Kagan’s posits will be the standard left-right interpretation of history that the neocons will peddle in every possible way for years to come.

There is absolutely nothing new here, just the painful old nostrums — Orwell’s Ministry of Truth would call it SwillSpin — and it doth reek. Iraq? “Mistakes were made.” Guantanamo? “Damage was done.” Torture? “I don’t know enough about who was responsible and at what level.”


This craven cowardice we have come to expect from the apparatchik plucked out of obscurity by convicted serial liar Elliott Abrams in 1985 — just in time for Iran-Contra. Ever since, he’s been feeding at the well-stocked neocon trough – PNAC, foundations, McCain’s advisory team. He will undoubtedly continue to prosper. And to blame everybody else.

10:01 am on October 28, 2008