They Will All Blame Somebody Else

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Politico’s “experts” are out to lunch:

“The GOP is on the brink of a soul-searching debate about what to do to reclaim power. Much of that debate will hinge on appraisals of what McCain could have done differently.”

That pointless debate should take about two seconds. The real issue: Bush has murdered the GOP, and the cadaver certainly cannnot be resuscitated by his accomplices. Eric Voegelin had it right decades ago, about a similar situation millinnea ago:

“Socrates understood (what modern political reformers and revolutionaries seem unable to understand) that a reform cannot be achieved by a well-intentioned leader who recruits his followers from the very people whose moral confusion is the cause of the disorder.” (Eric Voegelin, Plato and Aristotle, LSU Press, P. 5.)

In modern terms, “the only way you can unplug the hot tub is from the outside.”

11:04 am on October 24, 2008