‘They Hate Us for Our Freedom’

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I used to be a twice-a-week cigar smoker during the last cigar boom of 1995–2004. (I stopped because new cigar manufacturers jumped into the market, flooding it with lower quality cigars. Even the established cigar manufacturers—including those in Cuba—were rushing cigars of lower quality out into the market.)

A pleasant perk of the finer cigar stores that I patronized here in Nazi York City was the espresso/cappuccino/coffee machine that customers could use for free while they enjoyed their cigars in the store’s smoking lounge.

After almost nine years, I decided to give cigars a try again. I noticed that the espresso/cappuccino/coffee machine in the first store I revisited was shut down. I was puzzled, so I asked the owner of the store why he no longer offered free coffee. The reason he no longer offered free coffee is because the Nazis of Nazi York City have decided that in order to serve any sort of food or beverage in an establishment, the store has to have a permit. The catch, of course, is that here in Nazi York City you cannot smoke in an eating or drinking (e.g., bar, nightclub) establishment. In other words, if a cigar store serves any sort of food or beverage (even though it’s FREE), it can no longer allow smoking in the store!!

Pretty soon we’ll be hating them for their freedom.

3:17 pm on September 2, 2012