They Are Just Doing Their Job

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If get told one more time that I should never criticize soldiers because they are just doing their job I am going to scream, cry, and then write yet another article about military personnel having some kind of responsibility for their actions. So, let me see if I am getting this right. Someone joins an organization of his own free will that is known for sending people out to destroy things and kill people that had no business being destroyed or killed and yet he is to be excused with the lame excuse that he is just doing his job? If I live in LA and join the Crips or the Bloods and am told to go kill someone is it okay because I am just doing my job? What is the difference? It might even be better to join a street gang than the military since no street gang has killed unjustly by the thousands and tens of thousands. The problem with some people, even people who say they are against unjust foreign wars, is that they are still in love with the military. I know of no other explanation for their continual defense of U.S. soldiers.Yes, the politicians and the government and the public school system and the defense contractors are to blame, but can’t soldiers get just a little blame without having to kill some civilians and piss on the bodies (which soldiers have done)? I wonder if CIA agents are also just doing their job when they torture the families of military apologists because they think they might know something about some terrorist plot. Oh, but they would never do that to Americans. Hey, TSA agents are just doing their job when they feel up your teenage daughter so quit getting so upset about it.

4:22 pm on October 3, 2013